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Just moved this blog to WordPress … some interruption to service may ensue.  [Not that there was much service to begin with]

Canberra Sunset 2006-11-18

Canberra Sunset 2006-11-18
Originally uploaded by ~ Aquila ~.

Another sunset photo… sheesh, can’t I think of anything better to photograph?

Canberra Sunset 2006-12-10

Canberra Sunset 2006-12-10
Originally uploaded by ~ Aquila ~.

Second Post

Well, that was a long break :-)… Sorry about that. I now have a new Nikon D80 camera.

First Post

Well, this is the first post in what may end up being the shortest-lived blog in history, but here goes.

My interests are varied and I have no real idea yet, as to which direction this blog will take. I work in a government department in the IT department. We use Lotus Domino/Notes extensively, so I have a strong interest in these products and may talk about them a little. But nowhere near as extensively as some of the well-known Domino bloggers. Other products I work with may also get a mention here and there.

Three years ago, I became a house-owner after many years of paying other people’s mortgages. The house is one of those “renovator’s delight” type homes and so our attempts to improve it may also get a mention.

Lastly, I own a newish digital camera [Canon A95] which has resurrected my passion for photography, so I will also be posting the occasional piccy to add a little colour.

So welcome, I hope this is a pleasant journey for all of us.

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